on exhibit

November 2017

arthur katrina – Audre Lorde (from Celebrate People’s History poster series)

Audre Lorde, Gambda Adisa. Born February 18, 1934 in New York City, died November 17, 1992 on St. Croix. Black lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.

“And when we speak we are afraid
Our words will not be heard
Nor welcomed
But when we are silent
We are still afraid
So it is better to speak
Remembering we were never meant to survive.”

arthur katrina is a multimedia artist from providence, ri, presently working in oakland, ca, and the space between. they are committed to the anti-preciousness of printmaking, dubbing and reproducing multiples. consistent threads in their work include: documentation and affirmation of less-represented realities, collage and sampling as a form of imbuing and tribute, utopian fantasy as a deliberate and un-naiive survival tool, re-imaginings of the city, inversions of the gaze, queer frames of celebration and pain, and the liminal, supernatural, and sometimes hilarious places of grief and longing.



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