on exhibit

March 2023

Fiona Avocado – Peach Blossoms

PEACH BLOSSOMS is originally part of a series I created in Spring 2021 called DETOUR, inspired by a one mile walk that I used to take to clear my head while in graduate school at Ohio University in Athens Ohio. Using CMYK screenprints of my own photographs with geometric shapes inspired by the Memphis Design Movement of the 1980s, I interject lived experience, identity, and aesthetic interests to inspire others to enjoy and find themselves in their surroundings. I encourage you, the viewer, as spring approaches, to look at the world shifting and changing around you, and to remember that despite the heaviness of the world, the world will keep moving, blooming, and shifting and to not lose sight of that while fighting systems of oppression.

Fiona Avocado (they/them) is a Pittsburgh based visual artist, educator, organizer, and writer. Fiona has been an active working artist since 2010, publishing comics and zines, creating illustrations, making prints, and assembling textile pieces using upcycled materials. Fiona received their BA in Arts and Humanities and Professional Writing from Michigan State University and their MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University. Currently Fiona is a member of Lavender Estero Print Studio, is the co-President of the Pittsburgh Print Group, and is the founder/organizer of the Itty Bitty Print Exchange. 

Artist statement: I explore every day lived routines, comforts, and rituals through print media, specifically screenprinting, relief printing, and risography, while also incorporating comic art, zine making, illustration and textile art. My print practice depicts imagery of the natural world, objects and interests that provide comfort, and a range of visual storytelling techniques, such as comic art and hønsestrikk knitting. The core of my studio practice is fueled by the DIY ethic, sharing personal stories, and creating socially engaged art. I seek to inspire others to fight for a more just world and to foster connection during times of uncertainty. 

Website: fionaavocado.com

Instagram: fiona_avocado


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