on exhibit

July 2018

Heidi Tucker – Love is Love (Lyrics by Daniel Higgs)

July-TuckerThere is too much fear, too much hate in our world. It seems to get scarier and scarier these days. The collective anxiety can be overwhelming. These words hopefully lift someone’s head, give them some strength and remind them of who and what and why they love, that it’s everything, that’s it simple, that it’s complicated, that it’s hard, that it’s fluid. I’ve always appreciated the strong and simple repetition and sentiment of this song, and when I write it out it becomes this soothing mantra that plays over and over in my head. The author, Daniel Higgs is a musician from Baltimore that has been playing music for decades and has been an influential force in my life.

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh since 2007. I feed people, make things, spend a lot of time on the river with my family, and help build loving communities. While I was making this piece, I thought a lot about all the immigrating people in the detention centers and the children being separated, the families being accosted by ICE, about Antwon Rose and about all the strong and diligent people who are fighting back and protesting on behalf of all of these victims of hate and fear. Much love and empathy to them all!



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