on exhibit

April 2019

Amber aka Dr. HollyHood (#notwhite collective) – Manifesto Project II


fruit punch. thats what I AM.
NOBODY KNOWS whats in there but everybody likes me.
a little bit of THIS. a little bit of THAT.
so drink up. BUT drink responsibly.
I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE from an island youve seen on the travel channel.
i look like i speak LANGUAGES.
i have that GOOD HAIR. but my name is NOT BECKY.
and these baby curls are NOT MEANT FOR the hands of STRANGERS.
i am not INTERnational. my body, my skin, is where i exist for the time being.
check a box. fill a bubble. FOR WHAT?
I DONT FIT IN boxes and I CANT BREATHE in bubbles.
why DO WE CARE if the toast is french when WE REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHY there is HFCS in my aunt jemima. does she even know shes poisoning people?
why DO WE CARE if you are this or they are that when WE REALLY NEED TO CARE about each other?
why DO YOU CARE what I AM when all YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW is that I AM THE FUTURE? the people that are my color are going to save the world.
its gonna be a party and THERE WILL BE FRUIT PUNCH.

#notwhite collective

In 2018, the #notwhite collective was an awardee of the Keyword: International Research Grant, a project of the Carnegie International and the Kelly Strayhorn Theater (KST). As part of this project, the collective developed its first Manifesto, which was presented as a performance during the symposium held in October 2018 at the KST, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 2019 our year-long residency with the Sidewall Project will expand on the ideas generated as a result of our discussions, research, and sharing during the Manifesto Project. The series of the twelve images will use the collective’s portraits and excerpts from each of their respective manifestos to further our creative vision of inclusion and representation of all of us in-betweeners.

The #notwhite collective is a group of 13 women artists elevating the stories of each other. Those many of us who do not fit neatly in the consensus boxes, neatly in cultural categories.

WE are bi/multi-racial/cultural, immigrant or descendants of immigrants. We have come together, to question, to investigate, dig deep into what identity is within and without the construct and context of white—not in skin color, but as a system of oppression, a system we do not align ourselves with. Happening in our society is police brutality, gun violence, calls for bans, for walls, we hope to provide an artistic platform for difficult discussions on the complexities of cultural identity in the U.S.A. to move us towards humanity. We are the global majority.



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