application requirements:

1) artist statement describing common themes, imagery and/or techniques used in your art-making process (1 page max). please include your connection to Pittsburgh, if there is one.

content: due to the zoning laws in place, the work must in no way be for commercial purposes. this does not exclude murals that contain or are entirely composed of text, but is something to keep in mind during the designing process. as a public venue, sidewall endeavors to keep its exhibitions family friendly.

2) proposal for sidewall mural (1 page max). artists may apply with already completed work, or a develop work specifically for sidewall. please have as finalized a concept as possible, mural sketches are strongly encouraged (jpeg/pdf, max. 2MB each). mural dimensions are 4′ x 8′ (this includes a 2″ black border).

*to allow space to respond to unforeseen events, artists may alter their design, with notice to and approval by the curator(s).

3) 3-5 images (jpeg/pdf, max. 2MB each) of past work, link to online portfolio, especially that which relates in style and theme to the proposed mural.

4) permission to allow venue host to photograph and reprint images of the mural for promotional and funding purposes. any visual documentation taken will gladly be shared with artist for their own use, upon request.

apply by e-mail:

hard copies may be mailed to: 608 s. millvale avenue, pittsburgh pa, 15224 (NOTE: materials will not be returned, so please don’t send originals or any media you need back).

selection process:

proposals are reviewed by the curator(s)-in-residence, who has sole discretion over what is exhibited, and may decline to exhibit a mural.

printing costs:

sidewall is working in collaboration with Jakprints, to make it easier and more affordable for artists to exhibit their work at a larger scale. artists’ murals are printed as 4’x 8′ banners on durable outdoor vinyl, at a rate of $90. As sidewall is run entirely out-of-pocket, it’s appreciated if the artist can contribute to the printing, but is in no way required to in order for their work to be selected and exhibited.


the mural remains the property of the artist, and will be returned once the month long exhibition is complete. should the artist sell the mural, a donation to sidewall would be awesome, but completely up to the artist. if the artist does not elect to keep the mural, then by their recommendation or sidewall‘s selection, it may be donated to another organization for future exhibition.

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